Parent – Child Counselling

Children and adolescents go through different behavioural, emotional and psychological stages as they grow. At each stage they face different problems to be resolved. Parent-child relationship can run into problems at any time.

Like their parents, children are affected by what is happening in their environment:

parent’s fighting, separation and/or divorce,

loss of a family member,


School stress Bullying and peer pressure in school/colleges

Relationship abuse,

Eating and sleep problems and many more .

Unlike their parents, and other adults, children will often use behaviours instead of words to express what they are feeling or experiencing inside of them. Depending upon the age of the child, these behaviours can range from bedwetting, tantrums, nightmares, hyperactivity, peer conflicts, withdrawal and a host of other behavioural issues.

SPHERT family counsellors are adept at working with children to provide them a safe space where they can speak-up and express their feelings. Our child counsellors know how to get to the root of issues, and how to provide children, and their care-givers, the tools to keep the doors of communication open.

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