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The Biology of Brassica carinata (A.) Braun (Abyssinian cabbage) in India

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Registration Fee –  5500  per candidate
Duration – 8 hrs
Date – Jul 19, 2015

Brassica carinata (Abyssinian cabbage) is thought to have originated in the highland plateaus of Ethiopia and adjoining parts of East Africa and the Mediterranean coast. Evidence supporting this hypothesis involves the parental species, B. nigra and B. oleracea, being sympatric in these regions during the period that B. carinata was thought to have emerged (Alemayehu and Becker 2002). Cultivation of B. carinata is hypothesized to have started in Ethiopia near 4000 BC (Alemayehu and Becker 2002), although precise information about its domestication is lacking, and cultivation may be more recent (Prakash et al. 2012).

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