Research Methodology and Data Analysis
Date –Dec 22, 2018
Duration – 8 hrs
Fee –  3500
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Research Paper/ Article / Case Study

Peer review of research papers is also undertaken by us, and this gives the author an insight into what the peer group thinks about the value addition done by your work. We follow double blinded peer review method and have a team of reviewers who are proficient in their respective fields. 

We also offer substantive editing for journal papers, for which we have a team of more than 200 editors, who have subject matter expertise. The formatting service is another feature which makes the research papers presentable. Several papers edited by us have been published in impact factor journals, giving the author a jumpstart for a successful academic career.

Through these efforts, we ensure that you do not have to face rejection from the publishers and can successfully get your research paper published. The credit for the work will completely belong to you, as the idea, data and inputs will be yours. We will just give the support that you, as an inexperienced author, need to get popular in the world of academics. Send us your queries or place the order now. 

Our research paper writing services are of an scholarly caliber ensuring your manuscript is original, accurate and complies with various journal publication standards. If you are looking to get published in high impact factor journals, we can help you with our writing service, rewriting service and also with peer review. All our services are performed by experienced and published authors to ensure that we meet all journal submission guidelines.

Our UGC LISTED Journals

International Research Journal of Commerce , Arts and Science International Research journal of Management Sociology & Humanities International Research journal of Management Science and Technology Bhartiya Bhasha, Siksha, Sahitya evam Shodh INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF SCIENCE ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES  AND INNOVATION